Monday, October 26, 2015


Sorry for the possible confusion, but we have provided a wrong link for the 'additional material' on the Learning Material page. The Link covered last year's material including a tele-task lecture recording and many references to the history of information science (which might be interesting to you but not necessarily mandatory for this year's lecture).

We have now changed the link accordingly on the Learning Material page. You will also find the relevant material for lecture 1 here.

The additional lecture material is organized in a bookmarking tool called "bibsonomy". You will recognize the correct links by the bibsonomy tag "swt1516_xx", where "xx" usually stands for the according lecture number.

Q&A Week 1

Please remember to take notes on the questions that came up during the study of the first week's learning material in the Q&A Sheet.

For your preparation, it might also be helpful for you to take the self tests in the OpenHPI lecture to check if you fully understand e.g.:
  • the difference between the web of documents and the web of data,
  • the definition, advantages, and (possible) applications of the Semantic Web,
  • the difference between Wikipedia and DBpedia, and
  • what a semantic entity is.
See you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First Lecture - Lecture Overview

In today's lecture, I will give you an outline and an overview of the topics we will deal with during the course. We will also talk about lecture organization and lab courses. Below, you will find the presentation slides.

Usually, learning material will also be provided with the openHPI website of our course, where you will also find all the video recordings, as well as in the material section of this blog.